Falls Safe
Home Assessment to make your home safe

  • Floors
  • Furniture
  • Bathrooms
  • Stairs & Steps
  • Storage
  • Other Mobility Factors

Patients who have been identified as having a medium or high risk of a fall, should go through our Falls Safe home assessment. We can advise on sensible (no cost or limited cost) changes to your home that can make a significant difference to the risk of falls. Our Falls Safe home hazard assessment is provided by one of our team of Occupational therapists who review floors, furniture, bathrooms, storage, stairs, steps and other mobility factors to offer professional advice. Our Occupational Therapists will also recommend what fittings for aided assistance such as bath rails, non-slip mats, chair lifts or other aided utilities may be needed. Should this be required, we will advise on how to obtain appropriate aids and appliances by the Health Service Executive (HSE) or certifying eligibility for the disabled person's grant.