1. Who should be screened for falls risk?
2. I am not 65 yet, do I need to get screened?
3. Will I be treated during my screening?
4. How long does a screening take?
5. What makes our assessments more effective than traditional methods?
6. Can a patient with a mobility aid/assistance perform the test?
7. What other conditions can QTUG™ screening be applied to?
8. Where can I be screened?
9. Do you provide out of clinic screening days?
10. Can I Have A Home Visit?
11. My parent lives on their own and has been recently discharged from hospital after having a fall, I am worried about letting them live on their own?
12. Can you screen my parent before they are discharged from Hospital?
13. What about payment?
14. I have Private Medical Insurance – Am I covered with you?
15. Who can avail of the Medical/Student Card discount?
16. What can I expect from a screening?
17. Post screening
18. How often will I be seen?
19. What can I do in the mean time?